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Eye contour serum 8 ml
Eye contour serum 8 ml
Eye contour serum 8 ml
Eye contour serum 8 ml
  • Eye contour serum 8 ml
  • Eye contour serum 8 ml
  • Eye contour serum 8 ml
  • Eye contour serum 8 ml

Eye contour serum 8 ml


Thanks to its roll-on format and its 100% natural and organic formula enriched with immortelle essential oil, argan and prickly pear vegetable oils, our eye contour oil is ideal for fighting puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. In the blink of an eye, your eyes are relaxed, rejuvenated and radiant!

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Eye contour serum 8 ml
Eye contour serum 8 ml €22.90

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How to use my eye contour ?

Morning and evening, with the rollerball, apply minimaliste Eye Contour Treatment from the inner corner of the lower eyelid working outward toward your temples with circular motions.  With your fingertips, gently tap starting at the insider corners of your eyes and working outward to stimulate blood circulation and increase oil absorption. 

You can also use it on your bumps and bruises. Bruises fade super quickly with helichrysum essential oil!

Organic jojoba seed oil: appreciated for its lightweight texture that easily penetrates the skin, jojoba seed oil protects the skin from dehydration, nourishes it and maintains its elasticity and firmness.

Organic argan oil: very rich in antioxidants, argan oil is the perfect ally to fight the signs of skin aging. Particularly nourishing and repairing, it strengthens the hydrolipidic film of the skin and protects it against external aggressions.

Organic sunflower oil: rich in phytosterol and vitamin E, sunflower oil contains nourishing, softening, soothing and antioxidant properties for the skin.

Organic carrot macerated oil: extremely rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, carrot macerated oil brightens the skin, gives it a healthy look and protects it against premature aging while maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Organic helichrysum (immortelle) essential oil: through its decongestant and circulatory properties due to a high concentration of terpenes, helichrysum essential oil is ideal to fight puffiness and dark circles. 

Organic prickly pear seed oil: known for its anti-aging properties due to its rich antioxidant vitamin E content, prickly pear seed oil tightens and tones the skin all the while protecting it from dehydration.

Tocopherol : with its vitamin E and antioxidant properties, tocopherol protects your skin from free radicals and helps prolong the oil’s shelf life by preventing its oxidation or its turning rancid.

frequently asked questions
Find here all the questions that our customers may have or contact us. Ask a question

How should I choose an eye treatment?

A treatment for the area around your eye should contain specific actives to be effective:

- Anti-aging actives, such as vitamin E

- Soothing actives, such as organic sunflower oil

- Moisturizing actives, such as organic jojoba oil and argan oil

- Refining actives, such as organic helichrysum essential oil 

Is Minimaliste Eye Contour Treatment organic?

Yes! Our eye contour treatment is 99.8% organic, 100% from natural origin and made in France. All our skin care products are formulated without water. Our ingredients are all 100% from natural origin.  Our eye contour treatment brightens eyes, reduces dark circles and puffiness. Our roll-on fights all the factors that tend to affect the eye area. For optimum effectiveness, we recommend you store it in your fridge.

What’s the eye contour?

The eye contour has the thinnest skin on the entire face, and, therefore, the most delicate.  This facial area has few sebaceous glands and lacks collagen and elastin.  That is why the eye contour produces less moisture which makes it more likely to get visible marks of skin aging.

What causes dark circles under our eyes?

Dark circles can be different colors ranging from brown to purple. Dark circles form as a result of poor blood circulation in the area or lympathic dysfunction.  They can be caused by poor circulation, tiredness, stress, hormonal imbalance... or simply by the thinning of the skin under the eye.

What causes eyes bags under our eyes?

Bags under eyes darken the eyes and give them a tired look. Eye bags form as a result of swelling of the lower eyelid.  This could be because fatty tissues move southward or because too much fluid builds up under the eye. 

How can I tackle dark circles and puffiness ?

An application method is very important to reduce dark circles! By using our roll-on, you will stimulate blood circulation. The idea is to promotes microcirculation by massaging the area around your eyes.  The ideal method to brighten your eyes! Store your roll-on in the fridge for optimum effectiveness. 

How should I massage the eye contour?

Your application method is meaningful, it can make all the difference! We suggest you gently tap from the inner corner of your eye to your brow bone.  Then, roll it on your eyelids from the inner corner to the outer corner.  This daily massage is the road to fresh and sparkling eyes! A new application method to add to your beauty routine!

Why should I choose this eye contour?

Because our eye contour treatment contains active ingredients that are useful to rejuvenate the area around your eye. It is highly effective because the rollerball massages the eyelids. Our eye contour treatment is made with jojoba seed oil which protects the skin from dehydration, nourishes it and maintains its elasticity and firmness. It’s also made with argan oil which is the perfect ally to fight the signs of skin aging, and it also strengthens the hydrolipidic film of the skin. And it also includes organic carrot macerated oil, responsible for healthy-looking skin, that protects against premature aging while maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Finally, we’ve chosen helichrysum essential oil which promotes blood and lympathic circulation unlike any other ingredient.

Can a pregnant or nursing woman use this eye contour?

This eye contour treatment is formulated with essential oil. We advise you not to use it without the advice of your physician.

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  • Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

    This is the product that made me adopt the brand: at last, an eye contour that works! Natural ingredients, packaging that lets you use every last drop of product and a capacity that's made to last. I recommend it 100%. (Translated review)

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