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Moisturizing Face Scrub 10 ml
  • Moisturizing Face Scrub 10 ml
  • Moisturizing Face Scrub 10 ml

Moisturizing Face Scrub 10 ml


A fine apricot powder for a soft and effective face scrub with a sweet almond fragrance that takes us back to our childhood. This 3-in-1 cleansing and moisturizing scrub is formulated without water, with the least amount of ingredients, to leave your skin smooth, pumped and radiant after each use!

Moisturizing Face Scrub 10 ml €7.99

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Organic shea butter: rich in essential fatty acids, phytosterols and vitamins A and E, shea butter nourishes, softens, strengthens and helps lock in moisture while leaving the skin pleasantly soft.

Organic coconut oil: nourishing and protective, coconut oil helps prevent skin dehydration. With its smoothing and repairing properties, it also regenerates undernourished skin and soothes redness-prone sensitive skin.

Organic carnauba wax: rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, carnauba wax also has powerful filmogenic properties and protects the skin from external aggressions. 

Organic apricot kernel powder: reduced to a powder and micronised, the kernel shell is a powerful face and body exfoliator. 

100% natural fragrance: almond, for a touch of sweetness!

Tocopherol: with its vitamin E and antioxidant properties, tocopherol protects the skin from free radicals and helps prsunolong the balm’s shelf life by preventing its oxidation or its turning rancid.

Sunflower oil: rich in phytosterol and vitamin E, sunflower oil contains nourishing, softening, soothing and antioxidant properties for the skin.

As a scrub:

On dry and clean skin, apply a dime-sized amount of our minimaliste Moisturizing Face Scrub on your whole face and massage into skin with circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water, dry your sky, and apply the minimaliste Face Oil that suits your skin type. Our Sensitive Skin Face Oil, our Combination Skin Face Oil, or our Mature Skin Face Oil

As a cleanser:

On damp skin, apply a dime-sized amount of our minimaliste Moisturizing Face Scrub on your whole face and massage into skin with circular motions to obtain a leathery foam. Rinse with lukewarm water, dry your sky, and apply the minimaliste Face Oil that suits your skin type. This moisturizing face scrub can be used on a daily basis.


*ingredients resulting from the organic farming

Our minimaliste promise A natural face scrub, 75.5% organic, affordable, vegan and made with very few ingredients!

Suitable to all skin types, even the most sensitive skin, this natural waterless exfoliating face scrub unclogs pores & removes impurities and dead cells, leaving the skin smooth, radiant and clean. Our 3-in-1 scrub is an exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing balm made with only 9 ingredients. 

The least amount of ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Easy to apply, our minimaliste Moisturizing Face Scrub moisturizes & softly exfoliates skin and can also be used as an daily face cleanser when applied onto damp skin.  Organic shea butter and organic coconut oil nourish, soften skin and improve skin suppleness.  Organic carnauba wax leaves a protective veil onto your skin after rinsing, whereas organic apricot kernel powder exfoliates skin, leaving it smooth, soft and radiant.  Add to this cocktail a delicate 100% natural almond fragrance and you‘ll end up with a luscious, cocooning and protective face scrub for a proper pamper session in the bathroom. Prepare to be relaxed!

Our minimaliste face scrub is so soft that it can be used several times a week or daily on a damp face.

At minima[list], we formulate our organic skincare products without preservatives and chemical agents, which makes the appearance of our products different from one production to another. Although the texture and shade may differ over time, this does not change the quality of our products - quite the contrary! It is a reassuring phenomenon that our products are 100% natural, without preservatives or texturizing agents.

frequently asked questions
Find here all the questions that our customers may have or contact us. Ask a question

Why should I use a face scrub?

Your skin goes through many aggressions throughout the day. Whether it’s makeup, pollution or sebum, your skin needs to be smoothed and cleansed. We recommend you do a face scrub regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and optimise your skin care routine! As a result, skin will absorb moisturizing treatments more easily, such as our sebum regulating oil.

Should I use face scrubs on a dry skin?

Contrary to popular beliefs, dry skin can and should have face scrubs to get rid of skin impurities! Our organic face scrub is soft with fine grains that won’t irritate your skin!

What are the different types of exfoliation?

There are two different ways you can exfoliate your body. Chemical exfoliation will exfoliate the skin through actives. Mechanical exfoliation will remove dead skin cells through grains.  Our almond face scrub is a mechanical exfoliator.

Why is it difficile to take some facial scrub out of the container?

That’s because we wanted a rather high melting point because balms tend to melt in the summer during transportation!

You just need to scoop out the product with the minimaliste spatula and work the dime-sized amount with your fingertips.  The organic facial scrub will instantly melt and its application onto your skin will be soft and easy. 

I can see white crystals, what are they?

It’s perfectly normal. That’s shea butter. Indeed, its melting point is between 27°C and 30°C (80 to 86°F). When it slowly cools down, it forms snowflake-like crystals.  It’s a well-known fact. When shea butter is stored in summer, temperature variations accelerate the appearance of these crystals: high temperatures during the day melt the butter, and when temperatures slowly drop at night, it crystallizes by forming these small white dots. To avoid this, we recommend you store this product at room temperature without temperature variations. 

Can a pregnant or nursing woman use this facial scrub?

Yes! Our organic facial scrub is formulated without essential oil. It’s completely safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding!

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