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SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml
SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml
SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml
SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml
SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml
  • SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml
  • SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml
  • SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml
  • SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml
  • SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml

SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml


A melting repair balm that regenerates, nourishes, repairs and protects dry, dehydrated, sensitive and damaged skin. Tthis miracle SOS balm can be used from head to toe and immediately gives a sensation of softer, more comfortable and soothed skin. It can be used on the hair as a mask before shampooing or to nourish damaged ends, but also as a lip balm, nail care and on very dry areas...

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SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml
SOS Balm All-in-One 50 ml €31.90

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How should I use the Ultra Dry Skin Repair Balm?

Morning and evening, take a small amount and warm it between the palms of your hands, then apply the balm to your well-cleansed skin

Organic jojoba seed oil:  known as a powerful emollient, jojoba seed oil softens et keeps the skin moisture locked in. It’s even thought to have sebum-regulating properties.

Organic sunflower wax: vegan alternative to bee wax, sunflower wax improves the balm’s heat-resistant properties and forms a protective veil onto the skin to avoid the loss of moisture.

Organic murmuru butter: known for its nourishing properties, murumuru butter easily melts on the skin and protects it from dehydration while restoring its hydrolipidic barrier.

100% natural fragrance: vanilla and coconut.

Tocopherol: with its vitamin E and antioxidant properties, tocopherol protects the skin from free radicals and helps prolong the balm’s shelf life by preventing its oxidation or its turning rancid.

Organic sunflower oil: rich in phytosterol and vitamin E, sunflower oil contains nourishing, softening, soothing and antioxidant properties for the skin.

frequently asked questions
Find here all the questions that our customers may have or contact us. Ask a question

What are the differences between a cream and a balm? 

A balm is made from fatty substances: oils, butters, vegetable waxes... This mixture hardens but melts when in contact with the skin. The texture of a balm is consistent and greasy. A cream is composed of water and oils. Two phases are necessary to create it, while a balm is made with only one phase! The texture of a cream is lighter and less moisturizing. 

What is a balm?

A body balm is formulated with plant-based oils, butters or waxes. Our organic body balm contains nourishing and repairing actives, vitamins as well as antioxidants to bring nutrients and vitamins to the epidermis.  With a body balm, your skin is deeply nourished and its hydrolipidic film is regenerated.  Balms do not cause pore blockages and they deeply nourish the skin!

How can I properly hydrate my skin?

Our organic body balm is the perfect companion to fight body dryness with! It is a melt-in balm with a very velvety texture to nourish and protect thin and sensitive skin. Our balm deeply moisturizes and quickly penetrates the skin! If your skin feels tight, uncomfortable and/or dehydrated, our balm is the way to go!

How to use an organic repair balm?

If you have to choose, we advise you to use our repair balm in the evening because at night that our skin regenerates itself the most! But the ideal is to use it morning and evening for more efficiency.

What is the texture of a balm?

A balm has an oily and consistent texture. It is thicker than a cream and therefore much richer!

What is the shelf life of an organic repair balm?

Our balm has the advantage of being formulated without water, and therefore has a longer shelf life! A balm can be kept for at least one year.

Why are the balms a bit hard to pick up?

Because we wanted the melting point to be just a little high to prevent the balms from melting in summer during transport!

You just have to grab the product with the spatula and work the dab with your fingertips. Instantly, the balms will melt for an optimal application.

Can a pregnant or nursing woman use this repair balm?

Yes! Our repair balm is formulated without essential oil. It’s completely safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding!

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