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Rose quartz roller
Rose quartz roller
Rose quartz roller
Rose quartz roller
  • Rose quartz roller
  • Rose quartz roller
  • Rose quartz roller
  • Rose quartz roller

Rose quartz roller

The Rose Quartz Face Roller is a natural Chinese beauty accessory that has been used for thousands of years. This rose quartz stone roller with soothing properties refreshes your skin while promoting lymphatic drainage and collagen production. 

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Rose quartz roller
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1. Apply your minimaliste face oil to clean skin.

2. Use the larger part of the stone all over your face, from the inside to the outside.

3. Roll the smaller part of the stone over your eye area with gentle pressure to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

4. Use the smallest part of the stone on the area around your mouth.

5. Finally, use the larger part of the stone on your neck and décolleté with downward movements.

Rose quartz : Genuine 100% natural semi-precious stone containing no artificial or synthetic harmful substances.

frequently asked questions
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What are the differences between the Jade or Rose Quartz roller?

The jade stone mainly targets nervous disorders and helps to fight fever, migraine and dizziness. Rose quartz stone is considered a love stone: it helps in the healing of emotional wounds and reinforces self-confidence. It is also known to relieve endocrine disorders and facilitate the evacuation of toxins.

Why use a roller?

The rose quartz roller should be used if you are hypersensitive. This massage technique allows to soothe and makes the complexion immediately more luminous. Thanks to its decongesting action, your dark circles and bags are reduced, its gentle massage activates lymphatic drainage as well as collagen production. Our Rose Quartz Roller reduces muscular tension in your face, tones and improves the elasticity of your skin while reactivating your blood microcirculation. Our genuine Rose Quartz roller will help you to tighten the pores of your skin thanks to the freshness of its genuine stone. It will stimulate your lymphatic and blood circulation, reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, smooth and plump up wrinkles and fine lines. Discover the benefits of rose quartz with our face and neck roller minima[list]: relaxation and self care. A stone of love, rose quartz helps to soothe your skin for a radiant, firmed and revitalised face.

How to use the rose quartz roll?

The real Rose Quartz roll is not applied alone. For optimal skin radiance, it should be used morning and night in addition to a moisturiser, whose action it reinforces. We recommend using our minima face roller [list] with our 100% natural day and night facial oils. Start with the eye contour area and work your way upwards from the neck to the forehead and from the inside to the outside. Repeat these movements for 5 minutes and immediately feel the soothing, refreshing and well-being benefits. Our minima Roller [list] is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for dull and tired skin. The larger stone is for the cheeks, forehead and neck. The smaller stone is more easily adapted to the eye and nose area. The Genuine Rose Quartz Face Roller will become an essential part of your daily beauty routine and an indispensable accessory to your beauty secret.

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