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A Strong Commitment

The story of minimaliste is also that of a small business that is dedicated, free and that does not take itself seriously.  We are not looking to maximise and we love small organizations on the human scale. 

It goes without saying that large groups are pillars of our economies, but we want to see more small- and medium-sized companies in France.

It’s all about small and agile companies where every one finds a caring environment conducive to creativity.  An environment in which workers can understand the contribution they bring to the collective.

Here, we try to understand what we do and where we’re going.

A Very Caring Team of Partners

For minimaliste, we aimed to only work with small businesses led by friendly and often disruptive entrepreneurs.

More than 10 contractors unlike any others have embarked on this journey with us.

Let's meet a few of them :

- Laetitia, the big sister who always has great advice

- Grégory, the formulation magician

- Philippe, the packaging guru who can achieve the impossible

- Rodolphe, the “zero problem” expert

- Dorothée, the story-telling talent

- Marie-Christine, the “glass over plastic” goddess

- ...

We thank them for their support, their dedication and their availability.

Now, Let’s Talk About Us

It’s now our own team who took over. 

Minimaliste, it’s first and foremost their brand.

We can’t do much alone, can we? A team is by far the most precious part of any such adventure.

By pooling the talents of every member of the team, we can move mountains and change water into balm.