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Ingredient lists are too hard to read

Who hasn’t felt completely lost trying to decode the (somewhat) barbaric names featured in the ingredient list of the cosmetics found in their bathroom?

Come to think of it, why is this list so long?

Are the ingredients in our products natural or synthetic?

Are they suspected to be harmful to our health or to the environment?

How can we know what we put on our skin? How can we avoid these “toxic” ingredients that we keep hearing about?

Our Mission

What if we changed our habits? If you are somehow still unaware of environmental issues, please know that over 500 billion plastic bottles are manufactured every year in the world.  Only 10% of these bottles are recycled. So, where do the remaining 450 billion plastic bottles and tubes go? It really does send shivers down one’s spine, doesn’t it?  

Our Motto: Make body and face skincare effective, pratical and sensorial, respectful of the skin, humans and the environment. 

And commit to causes we truly believe in.

We Play the Transparency Card

For several years now, we’ve seen a lot of websites and apps pop up and claim they can help decipher the ingredients present in the INCI list of our cosmetics. 

They are quite useful, indeed, but do we really have the time and the willpower to put all of our products under the microscope? And, come to think of it, are those websites actually reliable? Wouldn’t it be easier to choose cosmetics whose ingredients are simple and clear?

That is precisely because we also asked ourselves these questions on a daily basis that we wanted to create a brand that is transparent, sincere and that allows us to focus on what really matters. At minimaliste, our products have a short, simple and effective formula –friendly to your skin’s and planet’s ecosystem.  Our goal: to promote quality over quantity & to use bio-sourced ingredients that are noble, actvie and minimally processed, with real benefits for the skin and that all made the cut because of their high quality and exceptional properties.

An Ode to Pure Ingredients

Did you know that beauty products cluttering our bathroom shelves are made up of many ingredients such as solvents, preservatives, stabilisers, fragrances, artificial colourings... and only 1 to 5% actives? 

Besides the fact that we do not know for sure what impact these ingredients could have on our health, it turns out that these ingredients very often stem from synthetic chemistry or petrochemicals (parabens, sulfates, silicons, PEG, polyethylene beads, etc.) and have dramatic consequences for the environment.

Yet, given how potent pure ingredients are, we need to make products without synthetic ones, it is possible to make products without synthetic ingredients, with a 100% active formula in which each ingredient enhances the properties of the other and boosts the final product’s effectiveness.

Nature Has So Much to Offer

What could be more effective than a first cold-pressed plant-based oil or an unrefined plant-based butter that preserved all of its essential nutrients (vitamins, sterols, tocopherols, essential fatty acids, etc.), its active principles and all of its incredible properties for the skin?

Why would we want to add synthetic molecules into a product when we are lucky enough to have “super ingredients” that are raw, organic and full of vitamins, micro-nutrients and essential fatty acids, such as organic shea butter, organic coco oil or organic cotton oil?

At minimaliste, we want to celebrate what nature has to offer. By offering products that are 100% active and by removing from their formulation any ingredients whose name is beyond the understanding and unnecessary.