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Questions and answers

How to contact us?

Telephone number: 04 37 64 47 57 (price of a local call from a landline)

Email address : contact@minimaliste.green

How can I access the follow-up of my order ?

When your order and payment are validated:

minimaliste sends an initial e-mail confirming your order.

When your order is prepared and shipped:

You will also receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail. In this second e-mail, you will find a parcel number. By clicking on the link to the Colissimo tracking system in this e-mail and entering the parcel number in the space provided on the site, you can access the tracking of your parcel. In case of problems, contact the minimaliste customer service by e-mail: contact@minimaliste.green

Order tracking in your personal space "My account":

You can track the status of your order online in the "My orders" section. Your order is either : Registered: you are informed by e-mail Shipped: we inform you by e-mail when it is delivered to Coliposte..

How do I cancel or change my order?

Modifying an order just after it has been validated:

If you realise that you have made a mistake when entering the order you have just validated on the site, call 04 37 64 47 57 (price of a local call from a landline) as soon as possible so that the minimaliste customer service can modify your order before it is processed.

Cancelling an order after payment has been confirmed:

You cannot cancel your entire order if the minimaliste customer service informs you that it has already been processed. However, you can return the ordered products within 14 days after receiving your order.

Before your payment is validated, you can modify or cancel your order on the "Your basket" page in the order validation phase..

Can I return the products I have ordered?

You can return products ordered on minimaliste.green within 14 days of delivery, in accordance with the regulations governing distance selling.

If the product(s) received do not conform to your order or if the contents of the parcel are damaged, return it (them), along with the items listed on the delivery note and the invoice.

You will be refunded. If your decision to return is the result of an error on the part of minimaliste, you will also be reimbursed for the shipping costs.

minimaliste / EOLYS beauté

Internet Return Service

105 avenue Jean Jaurès

Batiment B3

69600 Oullins

It is impossible to exchange or obtain reimbursement for products ordered on this site from a physical sales outlet. Furthermore, all products must be returned in a condition suitable for resale (products in perfect condition with their original packaging, accessories, instructions, unopened lid, etc.). Please note that we do not accept packages sent postage due.

You are responsible for the cost of returning the goods, except in the case of non-conformity of the goods delivered with your order. If the Buyer or the Recipient of the order does not demonstrate that he/she has effectively ensured the deposit of the product with a carrier or with a shop, any risk related to the return of a product is at the expense of the Buyer or the Recipient of the order..

What payment methods are available?

Once you have confirmed all the elements of your order, you must pay for it. Payments to the minima[list] shop are transmitted securely.

We offer 2 secure payment solutions:

- online payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express): Your bank details are encrypted (SSL mode) and are never known or stored by minima[list].

- Paypal payment ( with or without Paypal account )

For any further information on payment, you can contact the minima[liste] customer service on 04 37 64 47 57 (price of a local call from a landline) or by e-mail:contact@minimaliste.green..

What are the costs and delivery times offered?

A contribution to the delivery costs of 1€99 or 3€99 is required. This contribution to delivery costs is offered to you if the amount of your order is higher than 49€. For payments by credit card, your order is processed within 2 working days as far as possible. For payments by cheque, your order is processed and dispatched within 8 days after your cheque has been cashed, subject to the availability of funds (you must send your cheque payment within 8 days of the validation of your order). When your order is prepared and dispatched, it is delivered by COLISSIMO with tracking in continental France, Corsica and Monaco, within 48 hours guaranteed by La Poste. Consequently, the normal delay before receiving the products is 5 working days. This delay is non-contractual but minima[list] undertakes to do its utmost to respect it.

How can I get advice on minimaliste products?

You can go to the "Products" section or ask your questions to the minima[list] consumer service by email or call 04 37 64 47 57 (price of a local call from a landline) from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

How do I know if my order has been taken into account??

After validation of your order:

You will receive a confirmation e-mail. It contains the following information:

- Order number

- Order date

- Billing and delivery details

- List of items ordered

- Total amount of the order

If you do not receive this confirmation email, it is possible that your order has not been registered. To be sure, please contact us: by e-mail or by calling 04 37 64 47 57 (price of a local call from a landline)..

How do I shop on Minimaliste??

If you have found all the products you need, you will need to complete the steps described below.

Confirm or modify the quantity of products

Discount code

Create a customer account, or login

Delivery / Billing address

Choice of delivery method

Payment options.

Where do you deliver?

minimaliste delivers your orders to the address of your choice in Metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco only.

Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver to French Overseas Departments and Territories, Belgium, Switzerland or other countries.

Any questions about the packaging??

Why is there no lid on the minimaliste pots?

Because this would be totally unnecessary additional waste. Our products do not contain water, so they are not very sensitive to bacteriological contamination. A watertight recyclable plastic lid is enough to protect and preserve the product.

Why did you choose glass as packaging?

Because we wanted to ensure total transparency and because glass can be recycled ad infinitum, or even better, upcycled!

Why plastic lids rather than aluminium?

With aluminium, we would still have needed to add a plastic lid to ensure the seal. The reason plastic has to be used is because there is no other solution at the moment. Think about upcycling!!

Questions about the products?

Why do the oils look cloudy?

They crystallize, which is quite normal as soon as they are subjected to a lower temperature in winter. This does not affect the quality of the oils and is reassuring because it proves that they are 100% natural and therefore WITHOUT stabilizers or texturizing agents.

Why does the colour vary between two oils of the same reference?

Because our formulas are 100% natural and appearances can vary depending on the harvest. The quality remains perfectly identical. These variations are a guarantee of quality because they prove that we have not added any stabilisers.

Why does my oil crystallize?

The texture of oils varies according to their fatty acid composition. The saturated fatty acids in oils solidify at 20°, which is why small crystals may appear at the bottom of your bottle. This is quite normal. Conversely, oils containing more polyunsaturated fatty acids remain fluid at cold temperatures.

Why are the balms a bit hard to grip?

Because we wanted the melting point to be just a little bit high to prevent the balms from melting in summer during transport! You just have to grab the material with the spatula and work the dab with your fingertips. Instantly, the balms will melt for optimal application.

I feel grains in the deodorant, is this normal?

As with all cream deodorants. This is quite normal because our deodorant is mainly composed of bicarbonate of soda, a 100% natural ingredient with deodorizing and disinfecting properties. You can feel the grains when you take it out, but not at all once you apply it to your skin.

Pure oil as a facial? Isn't that a bit too greasy?

Our facial oils are perfectly suited to different skin types. The oil for combination skin, for example, is made exclusively of jojoba and hazelnut oil, which are highly penetrating, non-comedogenic and leave no greasy film.

Why replace a day cream with a skin care oil?

Day creams are made of water. The water contained in conventional products is distilled water, i.e. water that contains absolutely nothing, neither minerals nor anything else, to avoid any bacteriological contamination. In cosmetics, water is called a "dead ingredient" because it is of no interest to the skin and only serves as a solvent to dissolve the other ingredients.

The only way to avoid the development of bacteria in a product that contains water is to use preservatives that have always been very controversial until now (methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol, parabens... Water has no interest when applied to the surface of the skin because the hydrolipidic film is mainly made up of fatty substances and prevents it from penetrating, whereas an oil or a balm will be able to diffuse all its active ingredients into the skin because it will not encounter any obstacles. Unlike a cream, an oil or balm will strengthen the skin's natural barrier and, as a result, the skin will be much better hydrated as it will not lose water during the day..